The Quiz Money

Double the fun by earning and learning while you play!

  • Participate and earn real money.
  • Enhance your knowledge while playing.
  • Varity of topics to choose from.
  • Meet & compete with new people.
  • Challenges Everyday! Prove your Intelligence.
  • And it's completely FREE.

How To Play

First download The Quiz Money app from play-store and register yourself. The user-interface is very friendly. Game play of The Quiz Money is simple and easy, there are variety of topics available to choose from, you can play online against other people in a quiz competition and earn points. Earn your points to claim your cash prize. There are daily challenges you can compete in and win prizes. To participate in daily challenge you need to use the coins. You can earn coins by performing different tasks and can purchase it any time. Players can build up their knowledge by playing "The Quiz Money" and prepare for the upcoming test and Job interviews.

The Quiz Money is the best of all trivial apps, making money was never so easy. The Quiz Money is redefining your experience as user, now you can play in topics you are best in and earn money. "Answer the questions, collect your targeted points and put some handsome amount of cash in your pocket". Join us now and start making money.


  • Look out for these thrilling challenges on the go with bigger prize money.
  • Avail them while they last and be among the first winners to fill in your pocket with some handosme cash!
  • Test your knowledge by competing in play on the go as we team you up with a random opponent around the globe.
  • You can deposit 20 coins in your account for winning the game which comprises 10 questions.
  • While even losing the game gives you 5 points in addition to some handful of information!
  • As the daily challenges contain bigger rewards, So keep an eye on them.
  • A win win situation either way!
  • Participate in "Practice" frequently for availing all the above more efficiently!

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